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Processes & Services

Punto Franco Consulting services are structured according to 4 interacting processes:



Punto Franco Consulting services allow the timely formulation of Legal Strategies and Business Organization, based on ideas, projects, opportunities, risks management, or other specific purpose, determining objectives, constraints, deadlines and people in charge.


Punto Franco Consulting services prioritize structural tasks:

Information Management

Meeting standards and their real impact on taxation and other regimes. The attributes of Completeness, Reliability, Opportunity, Availability and Assurance are strengthened.

Opportunities and Risks Management

With diagnoses that describe assumptions, threats and vulnerabilities; benefits or losses, based on Patrimony, Competitiveness and Reputation, formulating effective strategies and decisions.

Business Modeling

Detailed representation of the Businessman Global Context elements, with implementations referred to: roles, investment vehicles, assets transfer, substitution of obligated, contracts, protocols and procedure manuals, socialization and training, among others.


Punto Franco Consulting services assume the study of substantial, formal and procedural rules related to the Businessman, in its Global Context.


Tax, parafiscal, financial, exchange control, customs, foreign trade and money laundering control. Also: constitutional, international, administrative, intellectual property, state contracting, mining, immigration, labor, civil, mercantile and criminal, pertaining to specific Businessman opportunity or risk situations.

In the LEGAL PROCESS, the Punto Franco Consulting Services also operates the Discussion and Litigation, in governmental, jurisdictional or alternative mechanisms.


Punto Franco Consulting services temporarily assume, for the purposes of standardization and normalization, and under different types of outsourcing, functions of the Businessman and his organization, such as:

  • Information Management
  • Compliance with formal tax obligations
  • Management control
  • Audit work (legal, financial or forensic)
  • Others

Punto Franco Consulting expects to return to the Businessman, the standardized and normalized function.


The services of Punto Franco Consulting visibly strengthen the Businessman’s ability, in its Global Context, against opportunities and risks, tributary and related to them, corresponding to economic facts realized or realizable in the Country, or from abroad, including all fronts legal and business organization issues, depending on the Patrimony, Competitiveness or Reputation:


  • Legal Study
  • Discussion & Litigation
  • Information Management
  • Opportunity Management & Risks
  • Business Audits
  • Tax Planning
  • Business Modeling
  • Outsourcing of Standardization
  • Maintenance of Developments
  • Business training


  • Business Prospecting and New Investments
  • Specialized Studies and Procedures (eg Free Zones, Transfer Pricing, Expense Allocations, among others.)
  • Forensic Consulting
  • Preparation of Legal Instruments
  • Legal Representations
  • Projection of Standards
  • Tax Administration Advisories
  • Others

PFC Workflow